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Valencia Beach Photos

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There are excellent facilities for Disabled, including a special “pathway” for wheelchairs, various floating aids and even the first ever “blind” bathing zone. Sounds are emitted from bouys so they can have freedom in the water and know exactly where they are at all times.


The street market is now up and running, this creates a lively atmosphere in the evenings, open in to the early hours.


There are sports areas including Volleyball, football and basketball, gym stations and childrens play grounds…


And for those less energetic.. there is even a library..


It goes without saying that there are palm trees..


And its always nice to know the local police are at hand if you need … a laugh!


So I hope you like my shots of the #beach in #Valencia, if you are looking to visit and in need of #accommodation check out


Cycle bar in valencia

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How about this for a fun night out.. Saw these pedalling their way around the beach of #valencia on saturday night. A mobile bar with stools all the way around and each person has their own pedals too! There was a driver who I imagine was the host for the evening, and not drinking of course. What a great idea for a different type of “bar crawl” around #valencia.

A touch of real Valencia

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Popping into a local bar in Valencia can bring great suprises and a taste of real Valencian tradition.
The bar #Trinquet Pelayo is very ordinary looking from the outside, the entrance being just a double door width in the street. But on entering you walk down a small tunnel passageway which opens up into a very nice large bar and seating area. On this ocasion the only other clients were a group of old men playing cards in the corner, how quaint for starters, I was happy.
Then admiring all the photos and trophies displayed around I noticed a doorway which called me to explore.. Low and behold… There was Pelota court! Something I had only seen on the tv until now.
Now anyone who doesn’t know what Pelota is… Nor do I really, except it is a very traditional Valencian game where 2 people or pairs whack a small rubber ball from one end to the other with bare hands, and not only do they have a net in the middle but the audience are also within the boundaries of the court!!

Anyone in Valencia interested… They play Thursdays and Saturdays. I will certainly be popping along.

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Apartment rental in valencia city centre

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Another stylish apartment in the heart of Valencia city for holiday and short term rentals. Complete with wifi and just 2minutes from the train station.
But you will have to wait until September for this one…we do have others available though!

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Some photos from #feria de #abril in #valencia

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Photos of a day out at the #feria de #abril in #valencia…

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Beer anyone? Oktoberfest in valencia

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The feria de cerveza oktoberfest is in the bullring in valencia

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Valencia Beach Sports in July

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July is a busy and poplular time for the beaches of Valencia, not only is there the street market in full swing to the early hours of the morning, but the set up a “stadium” for various annual sporting competitions.

Diary of Events for Valencia Beach in July

6th July – XI Vuelta a Pie, I assume this is a kind of fun run!

7th – 8th – XVI 7´s International Beach Rugby

7th – 8th – XVIII Beach Football

14th-15th XVI International Footvolley

21st-22nd VI SoccerVolley

28th-29th II International Volleyball

Why not combine your holiday on the beach in Valencia with some sporting entertainment, the atmosphere is great, music, free hats and a hose down with cool water sprays if you´re lucky!

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A day out in Valencia, April 22nd 2012

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Then driving along the beach front heading off to the L´Albufera Nature reserve, on reaching the Port saw a Roller Skating event taking place, so decided to head home, park the car up and get back to the port to see what was going on.. (usual good advertising by Valencia Tourism!!, live 5 mins away and didn´t have a clue)


and it was not just racing around the Formula 1 track, they also had a dance competition, roller hockey tournament for all ages and another form of racing which I didn´t quite understand all going on in the port hanger..


so a quick wander around the Rey Juan Carlos Marina…


then led to a typical “almuerzo” elevenses for us!


The decision to wander back towards home along the beach led to yet another discovery.. A Medieval Market was taking place at the Las Arenas area of the beach.. (yet even more good advertising by Valencia Tourism!)


which all built up a nice appetite which was very satisfied by the local barbecue..


and a nice walk along beach home! Thats what I call a day in Valencia!

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Bioparc Valencia

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Img_2985 easy online booking for hotels and apartments in Valencia

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